Welcome back in the 3rd episode of our #MondaySmallTalk

Today we’re going to talk to Cătălina Enescu, computer science teacher at the Ion Cantacuzino Theoretical Highschool from Pitești, Argeș (Romania), who’s also a co-founder of the NGO – Asociatia Give It Back

Why this idea for 2020?
(Trashable –

➡️ It all started from our GIB teens’ idea and their personal experience of not finding public trash bins when needed.

What will the participants do?

➡️ GIB teens will prototype and create a mobile application to locate and add public thrash bins within a certain area of the city. This way thrash will be thrown only in designated places keeping a clean and safe environment. Before the event they will also create a web page, a youtube video and Facebook page to promote their application to exercise the new media marketing. During the event they will present the application and all the activities they needed to do to anyone who’s interested

What are you going to spend money from the grant for?

➡️ The project budget will be distributed to include: web hosting, domain expense, Facebook advertising, online conferencing equipment.

Was the granting process hard for you?

➡️ No, the granting process was easy as it was straightforward and not complicated and Meet and Code platform is user friendly. We now have a lot of experience as we successfully applied to past Meet and Code events


Vino alături de noi !

Vă așteptăm ca voluntari să ne impărtășiți din experiența voastră sau să ne vizitați împreună cu copiii pentru a lua contact cu programarea.

Adresa asociației

Str. Gării, Nr. 4, Pitești,
Județul Argeș, Cod Poștal 110188


Telefon: 0746.142.867

Social Media

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